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Physis Cream



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From the construction of the Palaces in 1847 until the transition to new architectural rhythms at the beginning of the twentieth century, over a period of about seventy years, countless acrokerams were produced, in a variety that probably exceeds two thousand designs throughout Greece. With the prevalence of concrete as the basic building material and modernism as the dominant current in architecture, but also with the complete discrediting, to the point of hostility, of the architectural heritage by the State for many years, the cornices gradually began to come down from the roofs and to end up as rubble in landfills, along with the unique architectural masterpieces they crowned. The luckiest of them ended up in the scrapyards and from there they went into the interiors of the houses as decorative elements and collectibles, samples of an era definitively lost for this country. If the survival of an acrocera on a roof or even on a bookshelf is a matter of luck, then owning an acrocera, and the beauty that radiates around it, can be considered luck.


Height: 24cm. Width: 14cm. Length 13cm.


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